36inch Kids Bodyboard Xplosion Series EPS

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The Xplosion EPS bodyboard range is our Premium bodyboard option – 3 key upgrades over the entry-level Southern Swells or ABC ranges are as follows:

- Smoother open cell IXPE Skin on the top of the board – with no sacrifice in durability
- Thicker (1mm) HDPE Slick on bottom of the board – provides extra rigidty and better ‘recoil’ and responsive on the wave
- Premium Coiled Polyurethane Wrist Leash – offers more stretch and more forgiving than a basic webbed leash when you’re pushing on

The 36inch board is best suited to kids and smaller teenagers. The Xplosion bodyboards are ideal for the beginner/progressive bodyboarder looking to push on and improve their sport. The classic crescent tail shape and graduated bottom channels allow for optimum water flow underneath the board and increased hold on the wave. Constructed using a high density pressurised EPS core, open cell IXPE skin and thick 1MM HDPE slick, the board does not compromise on features. Premium quality coiled polyurethane leash also comes as standard. Whether you’re looking to get a bit more serious with your bodyboarding or just prefer a premium option – the Xplosion is the board for you.

SIZE TIP: As a general rule, the top of the bodyboard should come up to just above your bellybutton (as you are stood next to it).

Technical Features

- EPS High Density Pressurised Core
- THICK (1mm) HDPE Slick Bottom for Controlled Flex
- CRESCENT Performance Tail
- GRADUATED Bottom Channels for Optimum Water Flow
- 60/40 RAILS for Ultimate Hold on the Wave
- COILED POLYURETHANE Premium Wrist Leash – keeps the board with you in the water